Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Job interview from hell

Well, as many may already know, I am currently looking for a job. I have applied for every job possible. Jobs I am not qualified for, jobs I am overly qualified for and those in-between. Well, yesterday I had an 2nd interview at Walmart. My first interview was the day before and it went really well. She asked me to come back for a second interview (which I thought was alittle redundant for Walmart but nevertheless), she scheduled me to come in yesterday.

I came in for my interview on time and dressed perfectly. This guy greeted me and walked me to the back where the interview was to be conducted. Everything was fine up until the point I walked in the conference room. He sat me down and it is like three to four other people in the room just having casual conversation. He walked up to another woman and right in front of me starts having a conversation with this woman. It's not like they walked out the room to talk, no they were right in front of me speaking loud enough for me to hear the whole conversation. He first asked her if she would interview because he didn't feel like it. She told him no absolutely not she's is your interview not mine. I did my interviews you have to do yours. He's like but I don't feel like it...I'm just sitting at the table waiting, at this point don't really care who interviews me just as long as we can get it over with. The woman stood her ground and the guy was "stuck" interviewing me.

So, this guy is noticeably from another country and it is very evident when he starts to interview me and ask me the questions that were outlined on his sheet of paper. I didn't understand a damn thing this man was saying. I was straining hard to see if I could recognize any word that he was trying to pronounciate but I was having a hard time. Eventually, I just read the questions off the paper as he was reading so I can answer the questions correctly. I just answered the questions best way I knew how and I know that interview could've went better had it not been so uncomfortable and not able to make out any words he was saying.

Today's interview, much better experience and hopefully I get that job.

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