Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blow out

This is a fresh incident that just happen about an hour ago.

Earlier today, right after I left church, I received a text message from my child's father asking me what time do I get out of church because he wanted to go to the movies today. So, of course, I agree to meet up with him. At around 2:00 pm we go to the movie theatre and he got a call from someone and he said he had to do something real quick. I was kind of pissed but I left and came back to the house anyway awaiting his call.

Fast foward to about 5:20 pm. He calls and asked me to check what time the movie started. So, we seen that the next showtime is at 7:15 pm so we decide to meet up. Well, on my way to the movies, I'm driving on the freeway and my car is shaking out of control. Then it starts pulling to the side. I mention this to him like I think I just had a blow out. He's like, "naw, that's not your tire." And in fact, my tire is blown out to the rim. I pull over to the side of the road to check it out.

Now my dumb ass was supposed to get my spare fixed some weeks ago but kept putting off and now look at me. I'm sitting on the side of the road with no spare, no AAA, no roadside assistance nothing. His car is about 15 minutes away in the next city. Well, I called my daddy and he told me he could pick me up but we would have to wait until the morning to get the car fixed. Now Mister leaves me on the side of the road with a flat tire. Just walked off like he didn't want to be bothered. Finally, after like waiting for 30 minutes, my cousin came and picked me up. No sooner did we drive off I look over to the other side of the freeway and I seen the fucking Highway Patrol behind my car. I'm like, damn I was sitting there for awhile and not a soul came. As soon as I live here comes these mother fudgers. I mean if this day can get any worse it would.

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