Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cheeks pierced

Yesterday I had the priviledge to babysit my best friend's daughter. I haven't seen my best friend since my birthday last year (which is in November, so a few months). Everytime I see my friend she has a new tattoo, different dyed hair color, etc. Of course, yesterday was no exception. The first thing that I saw was her cheek piercing, then the tattoo and then the different hair color. Now the tattoo and the color of course comes as no surprise to me (she has to have like 20+ tattoos).

Now when it comes to the cheek piercing I was intrigued to say the least. I've been wanted my cheek piered now for some years. I did not follow through for professional reasons and I envy those that don't really have to have the professional appearance for the jobs they possess. I already have 11 tattoos that are strategically placed on my body so at anytime they can be fully covered up.

I yearn to be that extravagant person that can cut my hair in crazy dos, get facial piercings and tattoos, wear colorful and racy clothes. As I begin to be more me I feel a bit self-conscience and digress from doing what is not of the norm. After seeing my friend's cheek pierced i literally had to fight myself from going down to the tattoo shop and getting mines done.

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