Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's not you it's me

I can find myself in an arguement everyday with Mister (that's what we are going to call him) if we don't ever get on the same page. I think that is the biggest problem that we have.

Let me rewind abit here. I have been in a relationship with Mister for going on three years now and we have a son together. We have been through hell and back numerous of times. At times I love him with all my heart and thank God that He brought Mister into my life. Other times I hate him so much I wish he would be sent to his maker the devil himself. You see it is that extreme.

Now back to present day, I had a medical problem that landed me in the hospital and I felt the need to inform Mister of my whereabouts, even though we had been going through some tough times. Now, quite naturally, he was concerned about me and "said" he was on his way up to the hospital. The thing is he never told me that he was coming to the hospital so of course I'm not psychic, I said I didn't expect for him really to care. He went off and when I say he went of I was every name in the book but a child of God. He stated how he wish he never met me and he don't understand why I would want to be with someone that don't care. So, I didn't say anything I just hung up the phone and continued to get medical care and not trip off of Mister. Then he says that I don't want him anymore cause I didn't make a big deal off of him making a big deal. I told him "look dude, I really wouldn't give a flying fuck what you do or who you fuck with just leave me the hell alone." I am not 15 years old in the 10th grade with some high school relationship. No boo, there are kids involved and I don't play games with grown ass men. So take that drama to your damn mama cause your baby mama ain't feeling that right there.

I don't think I was wrong. I am just tired of the same shit different day stuff. I have so much on my mind and if we ain't and can't get on the same page then it ain't no use of us even being, right?

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